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Dips & Sauces

Malay Pickle

Malay Pickle is the Muslim version of a Sinhala Achaaru

Srilankan Cuisine

Dhal Curry

Dhall is a love language in my household We eat

Eid Specials

Ghee Rice

Ghee Rice is a popular Rice Dish that originates from


Sprats Curry

Sprats are also called Haalmasso in Sinhala : They’re the

Appetisers or Starters

Mung Kavum

Mung Kavum is a traditional SriLankan Sweet Treat that graces

Eid Specials

Prawn Biryani

Nothing in this world can ever measure up to the


Avurudu 2021

Avurudu in Srilanka is celebrated by our fellow Buddhist and


Happy New Year

Here’s to wishing everyone a wonderful year with a deep

Breads & Buns

Kadey Paan

One of the Most Popular Things to bake as Lankans


Savoury Pittu

Savoury Pittu is one of my moms favourite things to