Avurudu 2021

Avurudu in Srilanka is celebrated by our fellow Buddhist and Hindu brethren symbolizing the ending of the old year and beginning of a New Year

Just a little note on what Sinhala Avurudu means to us ?? (please correct me if I’m wrong)

Avurudu usually falls on the 13th and 14th of April and it is that time of the year when the rice is ready to be harvested and the melodious sounds of the Koha(a bird)fills the air

This time they celebrate it with us on the first day of Ramadan ?
May we continue to live as one nation and show what peace looks like to our younger generation

Avurudu Holidays are very special because we usually plan our family trips every year.This is a very important national festival and most of the places in the city are shut down due to everyone visiting their home towns to celebrate the new year with their family.

There’s definitely a lot more to the celebrations in the home towns to witness than in the city

Avurudu Games are so much fun and all that beating of the Rabaana still rings in my ears…Kids love getting dressed up in their reddha and hatta and the boys in sarong have a ball trying to play games while having to keep the sarong tied up….

The festivities begin with auspicious timings that start with boiling the milk in a new clay pot and letting it spill from the sides over a hearth symbolizing prosperity

We look forward to the most amazing Avurudu sweet meats from our fellow neighbors and friends
Konda Kavum,Mung Kavum,Naarang Kavum,Kokis,Panni Walalu,Aluwa,Aggala,Milk Toffee and many other delightful treats….

I love the humble white Aluwa !!! It’s made of plain rice flour and just melts in your mouth…
My dad’s helper Gamini ayya used to bring us a fresh batch made by his sweet wife and my mom would let me eat them all???

What’s your favorite Avurudu Sweet???
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?Also Wishing Our Buddhist and Hindu Friends and Family A Prosperous New Year ?

Much Love ?? Nuzrath

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