Mutton String Hopper Biryani From The Aahara Kitchen

The Mutton String Hopper Biryani Menu From @kitchenhawker_by_aahaara is Just Phenomenal!!! A must try if you haven’t !!!

The Aahara Wood Fired Kitchen re launched as @kitchenhawker_by_aahaara
Am so so proud of my bestie @zashathoughtsofficial who’s doin better than ever!!! She’s not only a great cook but she’s also a qualified accountant and a fantastic mommy!!! keep inspiring and keep doin what you’re doin!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!!!!


Check out their page , link is attached below

She’s a fantastic writer as well.Love love her dose of inspiration daily on her blog

Check out my besties page, link is attached below

This delicious basket was enough for atleast 8-10 persons

The mutton was slow cooked to perfection in local spices to a home made recipe just like how you would eat off your mother’s kitchen and the meat was literally melting in your mouth.Not too spicy so the kids were goin for their seconds….

Comes with a generous portion of accompaniments : Green Peas,Malay Pickle,Raita and Fresh Pineapple

The Roast Chicken was perfect ?? The kids loved it!!!

Place your orders early with them on : +94 (76) 647 7677
Their meals are customized specially for you so feel free to tell them what you exactly want and they do it with no complaints
Thank You so much for this Lovely Meal!! @kitchenhawker_by_aahaara enjoyed every bit to the last strand of string Hoppers ???

Much Love Nuzrath

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