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??Making healthy choices for Iftar can really make things easier for you during the last ten Golden Nights ??

Come Iftar time : we break our dry fast and start the feast with our loved ones !! When driven by hunger it’s common to let loose and give in to the desires by over indulging and rushing to finish your food.However over consumption of high carb foods can prove to do nothing but make you feel lethargic and sluggish which will hinder the purpose of this month.Rushing and overloading can lead to gastric issues which is the last thing you need during this month???

?Doing more Ibadah is the primary goal of this month Subhaanalla so having a balanced Iftar is vital?

?Just a few tips on incorporating positive changes in your food habits

I know things cannot change overnight but am sure if you can at least make a small change it will definitely benefit in your overall performance during these precious upcoming days….

?Iam no health expert so what may seem healthy to me may not exactly work for you so do what works accordingly for you and your family

?These are things that have helped me and my family and I have been getting many requests to share my tips on Iftar.

?Traditionally we break our fast with an odd number of dates which contains a burst of natural sugars that will give your body the much needed instant energy boost due to it’s high Potassium levels.

?Drinking plenty of water between Iftar and Suhoor helps keep you hydrated ???throughout but sometimes you can only drink a limited amount of water yeah ??

The solution to that : Eat more fresh Fruits and Veges to help retain all that water because fruits and vegetables are made up of mostly water ???????

Staying conscious of your hydration levels will avoid you from dehydration and those terrible migraine attacks???
Watermelon and Cucumbers are a must on our Iftar table every single day ???????????????

Atleast aim for two servings of fruits and vegetables because they will provide you with all the nutrients,minerals and fibre you need with so little calories

?Eat a good balance of carbohydrates,healthy fats,and more protein which will help replenish your energy levels and help you stay awake for your night prayers…


?Kanji is mandatory in our home and having one bowl of that really helps the kids stay full and all that rice and wheat gives them the necessary complex carbohydrates providing them a more stable and sustainable source of energy But Portion control is key ?????????

Check out my recipe for Ramadan Porridge.Refer to link attached below :

Seafood Version

?Avoid having fried stuff as soon as you break your fast
Start with some fresh fruits or a simple salad and then have your favorite Shorteats in limited quantities.I swap the fried items into baking and they’re still delicious trust me


?Swap the high sugar drinks with fresh Thambili (King Coconut) and plain water or flavoured water if you can’t have plain water

We usually have our Thambili chilled with finch sarsaparilla powder instead of the sweet syrup…

Get your favourite finch products delivered by placing an order on their website : www.finch.lk

?Don’t neglect the proteins because having high quality lean protein allows your body to build and maintain muscle mass also containing all essential amino acids which aid in boosting your metabolism.Eggs are the cheapest source of protein and it cooks within minutes

We alternate between meats,seafood,poultry,cheese and eggs and pair it with a nice big bowl of salad or grilled vegetables ???????????????

?Don’t forget your calcium intake : You can have it in many forms whether it be from dairy or non dairy sources if you’re lactose intolerant
Check out king seasonal date and cashew drink, it’s ideal for iftar time

?Avoid food with high refined sugar content specially as soon as you break your fast
We do enjoy our guilty pleasures but we do it few hours after iftar and prayers with a cup of hot black coffee !!!????

It’s normal to give in to your sugar cravings but make sure you are in control and don’t let the sugar control you.Having high sugar foods can really feel like it gives you instant energy at the time but trust me that will not last long and even worse will leave you craving for more…That inner voice keeps begging you to feed sugar and it’s never enough !!! Moderation is Key
I have many healthy dessert recipes available in my blog site that you can try by swapping refined sugars to coconut sugar or Kithul Jaggery.

Check out my recipe for this healthy Agar Agar Pudding.Link is attached below :

?The most important is to stay fit and get a small dose of daily exercise : Doesn’t have to be intense but something that you can handle

It can be a short walk or Pilates session which will have to happen online these days due to current situation…
Have you checked out breakthru online classes : they have five different workout schedules for five different days and I think that’s amazing !!!

?Hope these tips will help you make the most of the rest of the last Golden Days of this beautiful month

I have also shared my tips on Suhoor if you’re interested to read on it.Refer to link attached below :

Stay Safe and Stay Indoors

May Allah protect everyone and keep everyone safe and sane??Much Love ?? Nuzrath

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