What Sehri Or Suhoor Looks Like For Us On Most Days Alongside Leftovers From The Previous Iftar For The Kids

Suhoor/Sehri Is A Significant Part During Any Fast.It Is The Pre Dawn Meal That Starts The Fast.The Dawn Prayer Or Fajr Is The First Prayer Of The Day.

There Are Many Ahadith Stating The Importance Of This Blessed Meal,First & The Best Reason Being A Sunnah Subhaanalla

Sunnah Literally Means Path Of Guidance.

It Also Means The Practices Of The Beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAL) Which Is Followed By Every Believer

His Lifestyle Is Our Way Of Life!!!

Allah Says: “He Who Obeys The Messenger Obeys Allah

This Time Is Best Time For Connecting With Your Creator

This Meal Should Not Be Skipped In Any Way,It Is Highly Recommended To Eat Something Hearty & Fulfilling During This Hour.Not Something Too Heavy Or Too Light That It Will Hinder Your Performance On The Compulsory Acts Of Ibadah Throughout The Day.

We Realized That Having Food With More Nutritional Value & Slow Release In Energy Actually Helps While Fasting Than Having Heavy Meals Bcz Consuming Too Salty,Or Sugary Food Can Actually Leave You Craving For Water Throughout The Rest Of The Day

So We Made A Choice To Take Baby Steps On Bringing A Change & Iam So Glad We Did Alhamdulilla.Never Felt Better!!!

Not That We Don’t Enjoy Our Srilankan Favorites But We Just Switched Them To Our Iftar Meal Instead!!!

This Ramadan Has Definitely Been A Different One Subhaanalla Bcz Of The Unavailability Of Certain Food We Would Usually Have But Alhamdulilla Still Grateful For All The Options We Are Blessed With.

These Are Few Options That We Consider During Suhoor

Always Remember To Prep Ahead For A Balanced Meal.

COFFEE Is One Of The First Things I Make When I Get In The Kitchen During Suhoor!!!Whether It Be Black Or With A Dash Of Nut Milk Always Coffee First!!!

The Image Shows My Home Made Paleo Bread With Home Made Labneh Spread.

I Let The Greek Yogurt Sit On A Paper Towel Over A Strainer In The Refrigerator For Atleast 24 Hours Or More If Needed.
I Replaced The Paper Towel Every Time I Felt It Was Too Wet & When It’s Not Wet To The Top,I Knew The Labneh Is Ready To Be Enjoyed.

This Is An Olive & Cream Cheese Spread Over A Cracker
Home Made Two ingredient Chia Berry Jam With Cream Cheese On Toast
We Consume Fruits That Are High In Fat Like Avacado Cz They Keep You Full & Satiated.Reduces Inflammation & Helps Balance Blood Sugar Levels
Also Helps Reduce Cravings Which Can Result In Maintaining Good Health
Dates Are An Excellent Source Of Vitamins A,B1,B2,B3 & C & Essential Minerals That Give You Instant Energy Also Has A Great Amount Of Fiber.Absolutely No Cholesterol & Another Great Source Of Protein
These Are Home Made Date Truffles Made With Minimal Ingredients
Ideal Bite Size Convenient Snacks

My Mushroom Sauce Is A Great Side Dish To Have With The Eggs.I Make Large Batches To Use Throughout The Week

Or Have Your Eggs Maybe With A Toast Or In The Form Of A Wrap,Burrito So Simply But So Filling

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Want To Get Thru Monday Blues With This Fantastic Version Of Mushroom Sauce That Goes With Anything,We Love It Over Our Eggs Instead Of The Hollandaise Sauce . . For The Sauce You Will Need: 300g Sliced Mushrooms(Button Mushrooms Will Be Ideal But Today I Had The Shitake Mushrooms On Hand) Finely Chopped Garlic 2 Tbsp Small Onions Finely Chopped(Optional) Salt,Pepper,Paprika,Mustard Paste,Lime Juice Half Cup Coconut Milk Half Cup Heavy Cream You Could Use Either As One Whole Cup Instead Of Goin Half n Half,I Just Prefer It This Way Chopped Fresh Parsley(optional) Sliced Green Chillies If You Prefer Heat(Optional) Vegeta Or Stock/I Don’t Recommend Stock Powder But It Is Your Call Here,I Would Use Just A Spoon Of Leftover Gravy Sometimes Too,lol . Heat Some Oil & Sauté The Onions & Garlic Till Theyr Nice & Golden,Then Add In Sliced Mushrooms,& Keep On High. The Mushrooms Let Out Quite A Lot Of Water So Let This Simmer First & Keep Stirring Occasionally. . Then Add In The Salt Pepper Paprika& Lime Juice,Stock & Mix Well . Add In The Heavy Cream & Coconut Milk & Mix Well.Check For Salt & Spices,Adjust If Needed.Keep On High For Few Minutes.When It Thickens Switch Off Flame & The Mushroom Sauce Is Ready. . You Can Have This Simply On The Side Or Just Pour It Over Any Meat You Prefer . So Easy To Make & Definitely A Healthier Version . . Here I Hav Served It With A Simple Fried Egg & Avo On The Side . Would Love To See Your Remakes On This💕 #srilankanfoodie #mylankanfoodjournal #colombobloggers #mushroomsauce #madewithlove #homemade #oversimplefriedeggs #avacado #gravyer #instafood #instadaily #foodphotgraphy #foodstagram #eatpraylove #begrateful #positivevibesonly #poyamornings #fullmoonmornings #alhamdulillahforeverything💕

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Bananas Are Very High In Potassium & Contains Anti Oxidants & Helps Regulate Bowel Movements & Settles Inflammation.Also Gives You Energy
This Is My Home Made Banana Bread Can Be Made Ahead & Freezes Really Well
You Could Even Cook The Oatmeal Or Quinoa The Night Before & Reheat With Milk During Suhoor
This Is a Bowl Of Cooked Quinoa Topped With Fruits & Nuts
Home Made Oat Muffins Can Be Made Ahead
Oats Has Numerous Benefits
Boosts Immunity & It Is A High Source Of Soluble Fibre.Helps Maintain Blood Sugar Levels & Reduces Cholesterol Levels
And Theyr Full Of Essential Vitamins,Minerals & Antioxidants

Cut Up The Fruits Ahead & Freeze In Portions For A Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

Do Not Forget To Have Atleast Two Glasses Of Water Or Even More If You Can During Suhoor.Great Tip If You Can’t Have So Much Water Eat Fruits Or Veges With High Water Content Like Watermelons ???Theyr The Best!!!And Celery Dipped With Hummos

Options Are Endless Really!!!

Do Your Own Research & Figure Out What Works For You,Do Not Make It Complicated.
Iam No Nutritionist So If You May Have Health Issues Please Do What Suits Your Situation

Like I Always Say What May Be Healthy For Me May Not Always Seem Healthy For You Or Your Family!!!

Make Wise Choices That Will Leave You Energized To Continue The Whole Fast Without Feeling “Hangry” LOL

This Is What Helped Us So I Wanted To Share This With You Guys!!!
As I Got So Many DMs Regarding Suhoor Meals
Anyway I Hope This Was Useful!!
Have A Blessed Ramadan!!!
Would Love To Hear What You Guys Enjoy For Suhoor???

Much Love Nuzrath ?