HongKong Inspired Seafood Porridge

HongKong Inspired SeaFood Porridge

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When Its Friday I Get Atleast 10-15 DMs Regarding The Recipe For “The HongKong Inspired SeaFood Porridge” . Somehow The Recipe Was In My Highlights & Has Gotten Removed,Cz Insta Issues🔄🔄🔄 . P.S:This Pic Was Taken SomeTime Ago . Today We Made The Vegetarian Version With Fresh Moringa Leaves.Which Is As Yummy When You’re In A Mood For Something As Warm & Comforting.But Trying As Much To Save Your Pantry Essentials Specially The Protein.This Reminds Me Of The Latter Part Of Ramadan & The Times Before ChildBirth Where You Are Fed This With Extra Garlic 🧄🧄🧄 & Fenugreek.Apparently Helps With Inducing Labour Naturally & Helps Get Rid Of False Pains . Anyway For This HK Inspired Porridge The Base Is The Same,Just An Additional Step With The Seafood 🦞🦞🦞 . Porridge Base Is Made With Rice,I Use Basmathi Rice. One Cup Rice With Four Cups Thin Milk Or Water & One Whole Clove Of Garlic,Ginger,Pandan Leaves,Fenugreek(Optional) Let This Over Cook.Then Mash This Up Or Blend Roughly.Makesure You Don’t Blend Fenugreek,It Gets Bitter.Then Add One Cup Thick Coconut Milk. For The Vegetarian Version,I Just Top With Some Fried Onions & Garlic,With Fresh Moringa Leaves.Your White Porridge Is Ready To Enjoy!!! . HK Inspired Seafood Version: Sauté Sliced Onions & Garlic Till Theyr Nice & Golden Brown With Curry Leaves,Then Add In The Deshelled Prawns,Let This Cook For Few Min.Add In Some Salt & Pepper,Lime Juice.At This Point You Could Also Add In Some Cubed Veges Like Carrots,Beans,Peas Or Corn. Pour This Into The Cooked White Rice Porridge & Mix Well.Check For Salt. I Don’t Add Any Other Spice Bcz The Colour Of The Porridge Changes & It Would Taste More Like Curry Instead,Now That’s Not What We Want Eh?? This Is The Recipe For HK Inspired Seafood Porridge. . Makesure Your Porridge Consistency Is Thinner Than You Want It To Be As It Thickens While Cooling… . I Usually Serve With Some Of Our Fav Condiments On The Side: Sliced Green Chilli In Salt & Vinegar Fried Sprats Fried Onions Fried Garlic Spring Onions Chilli Oil Nuts 🥜 . But Today’s Not That Extra Kinda Day.Its All About Managing With What’s Available These Days & Manifesting Smart Cooking. . Continued In Comments….

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The Last One Is The Healthier Version That I Make For Myself Using The Same Method As The Recipe Above But The Base Is Made Of Old Fashioned Rolled Oats & Quinoa.