Isso Wadey Or Prawn Wadey

Isso Wadey Or Prawn Wadey Is A Popular Srilankan Street Food Found Mainly In Galle Face Green Stalls But If You’re Lucky You May Spot Them In Other Public Areas Too
Something That Has To Be Eaten Right There While It’s Piping Hot ReFried In The Most Unhealthiest Way Not Worth Missing Though….(guilty)
The Base Is A Disc Shaped Fritter Made Of Wheat Flour Or Lentils & What Makes It Special Is The Tiny Flavoured Prawn??? On Top.This Refried Treat Is Then Served With A Splash Of Gravy,Tangy Lime Juice & Topped With An Onion Salsa.
Well,You Really Need To Try This Concoction Of Strong Flavours To Really Understand The Taste,Theyr So So Good!!!
May Not Be The Healthiest But One Of The Most Phenomenal Street Food Flavours Thats Not Worth Missing If You Ever Visit Our Little Paradise Island!!!
This Recipe Was Inspired By My Sweet Sister By Law Nazia Who Was Kind Enough To Help Me Out On This One???
Founder Of Bedding Dye
Now Let’s Get To The Recipe.
This Base Is Made Of Wheat Flour,Coconut Pulp That’s Basically The Residue When You Make Fresh Coconut Milk,Baking Soda 1/2 Tsp per cup & Salt.Mix The Same Quantity Of Flour & Coconut Pulp,Add Water & Form Into A Dough.Do Not Over Knead.Drizzle Some Oil,Cover & Let This Rest For Atleast An Hour.
Prep The Prawns By Half Cleaning Them:Leave The Tail & Head If You Prefer.I Just Had These Prawns Already Cleaned In My Fridge So Used Them As It Is.
Season The Prawns With Salt,Pepper,&Chilli Pwd
You Could Use Toppings Of Your Choice But These Are What I Used:

While The Dough Is Resting Make The Tamarind Chutney.You Could Even Make This Ahead.
You Could Even Use Leftover Gravy If You Prefer Instead Of Tamarind Chutney
Check My Instagram Post On Samosas & You Will Find The Recipe For Home Made Tamarind Chutney

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Is It Only Me Or Are My Kids Always Hungry??? . So Iv Bn Trying Stock Up On Some Snacks During The Evenings That Also End Up Being Their Dinner Like These Crispy Samosas . These Strips I Picked Up In The Supermarket Sometime Ago While Prepping For My Ramadan Series,You Can Use Any Brand I Just Got What I Saw… . With The Limited Rations We Have Been Trying To Create One Pot Meals For Lunches & Modifying LeftOvers Into Snacks & Fillings . I Made Half The Batch Vegetarian With Potatoes & Peas & The Other Half With Non Vegetarian Minced Chicken & Peas . Swipe To See The Demo . Paired It With A Home Made Tamarind Chutney Bcz Dont Do Ketchup. Been Getting So Many DMs Regarding The Recipe So I Wil Be Sharing That In This Post . Tamarind Chutney:Soak 200g Of Tamarind For A Few Minutes & Make The Pulp,Remove Seeds Heat Some Oil,Sauté 5 Sliced Small Red Onions With Some Cardomom,1”Cinnamon,Mustard Seeds,Curry leaves,Pandan Leaves & Sliced Garlic.Let This Cook Till The Onions Get Nice & Golden.Then Add In One Tsp Of Red Chilli Pwd, Chilli Flakes,Pinch Of Tumeric,Salt,& A Piece Of Jaggery(You Could Use Sugar If You Prefer)& A Sliced Tomato.One Green Chillie If You Prefer Some Heat. Mix Well & Then Add In The Tamarind Pulp Let It Cook On Low For Atleast 15 Minutes,Or Till The Sauce Has Simmered & Thickened Up.Finally Drizzle Some Lime Juice,(Optional) & The Sauce Is Ready But I Strained This & Refrigerate The Leftovers For Later.You Could Blend It Up As Well If You Want. . Anyway Bulk Cooking Has Been Very Helpful These Days . Hope Everyone’s Doin Well Out There . Stay Safe💕Stay Home💕StaySane . The Best Thing We Can Do Right Now For Everyones Safety . This Too Shall Pass Inshalla . Let’s Do This Together . . #srilankanfoodie #mylankanfoodjournal #colombofoodbloggers #homemadewithlove #ramadanseries2020 #ramadanwithme #ramadan2020 #ramadanvibes #samosa #samosalover #homemadechutney #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #staysane #instafood #instadaily #foodphotgraphy #foodstagram #eatpraylove #begrateful #positivevibesonly #alhamdulillahforeverything💕

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Other Toppings:
Finely Chopped Onions
Finely Chopped Green Chillies
Finely Chopped Carrots
Fresh Corriander Leaves

This Method Is A Little Different To The Original Method Bcz Sometimes The Prawns Tend To Come Off When Frying.This Way Theyr More Secure,No Compromises On The Fabulous Taste Though??????

Place Them On A Lined Tray & Refrigerate Till You Want To DeepFry These Babies

After Deep Fried Assemble On A Plate & Serve With The Variety Of Toppings……

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