Pasthol Is A Popular Malay ShortEat That Only Looks Similar To A Large Srilankan Patty But Has A Unique Taste Of It’s Own.
It Is Stuffed With Spicy Tripe & Parts & Vegetables.
You Either Like Ir Dislike Tripe So If There Are Any Non Tripe Eaters Please Look Away….
This May Not Be The Most Authentic Version But This Is Mine….
The Dough Is Similar To A Pol Rotti Mixture Except That It Is Infused With Tumeric For That Golden Colour
250G All Purpose Flour
One Cup Freshly Scraped Coconut
A Tsp Salt
A Tsp Tumeric
A Tsp Of Cumin Seeds
Half Cup Thick Coconut Milk
Pinch Of Baking Soda
Add Water If Needed
If The Scraped Coconut Is Not Fine Enough You Could Blend It For Even Texture.
Make Into A Dough & Let It Rest Covered For Atleast 30 Minutes.Before Covering Drizzle Few Tbsp Of Coconut Oil On Top.
It’s Not Necessary To Knead this Dough,Just Makesure It Comes Together.
Makes About 8 Or 10 Depending On The Size Of Your Pasthol

In The Meantime Make The Filling:

I Would Usually Clean & Cut Up The Tripe & Parts Atleast A Day Ahead.Also Boil Them/PressureCook & Let It Cool Then Freeze Till You Need.For Boiling Just Add Salt,Pepper,& Goraka(Garcinia)Or Lime Juice.Discard The Water Once The Tripe Has Been Cooked.This Filling Can Be Made Using Beef Or Other Meats As Well But Makesure To Boil Ahead.
For The Filling:
Tripe & Parts 500g Boiled &
Cut Into Small Bite Size Pieces
One Large B Onion Finely Sliced
Two Green Chillies Finely Sliced
Curry Leaves,Pandan Leaves,
5 Cardomoms Or Pwd
1” Cinnamon Stick
One Tbsp Ginger & Garlic Paste
One Tsp Chilli Flakes
One Tsp Chilli Pwd
One Tsp Pepper Pwd
One Tsp Roasted Curry Pwd
One Tsp Tumeric
One Tsp Salt(Add More If Needed)
Few Tbsp Coconut Milk
Lime Juice Of One Lime
Tamarind Pulp 1 Tbsp:
Mix The Spices With The Coconut Milk,Tamarind Pulp & Lime Juice & Make Into A Paste.

For Veges You Could Either Add DeepFried Brinjal Cubes Or Ash Plantain Cubes.If You Don’t Have Both Then Just Add In Fried Potato Cubes.
Fresh Corriander Leaves(Optional)
First Heat Up Some Coconut Oil 1/2 Cup & Stirfry The Boiled Tripe Till It Gets Nice & Fragrant.Then Set This Aside & Use Same Oil To Continue With The Filling.
Stirfry Onions Till Nice & Lightly Golden,Then Add In Green Chillies,Pandan Leaves,Curry Leaves,& Whole Spices,G&G Paste.Mix Well & Then Add The Tangy Spice Paste,Let This Cook For Atleast Five Minutes On Low.Now,Add In The Sautéd Tripe & Mix Well.Let The Liquid Simmer If There Is Any,Increase Flame & Add In The Fried Ash Plantain & Brinjals.Makesure Theyr All Well Combined,Do Not Over Mix & Mash Them Up.Finally Sprinkle Some Fresh Corriander Leaves & Fried Onions.This Is Completely Optional.
Check For Salt & Add More If Needed.Adjust Accordingly.

Would love To See Your Remakes

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