Suhoor with Me

Suhoor Meals like this are one of the best decisions I made for the Month of Ramadan

Approaching the latter part of this beautiful month is a strange feeling of mixed emotions because you don’t want it to end so soon but at the same time when the kids are counting days till Eid you want them to celebrate all their days of fasting without complaints Subhaanalla

Let’s make use of these golden nights and make it count Alhamdulilla….

Suhoor or Sehri is a significant part of any fast.It is the predawn meal that actually starts your fast and is not recommended to miss

There are many ahadith stating the importance of this blessed meal and the first and foremost reason being a Sunnah

Sunna means the practices of our beloved Prophet (Sal) which is followed by every believer.His lifestyle is our way of life

Allah says “He who obeys the messenger obeys Me” This is the best time to connect with your Creator

This meal should not be skipped and it is highly recommended to eat something hearty and fulfilling during this hour
Not something too heavy nor too light that it will hinder your performance on the compulsory acts of Ibadah

We realized that having food with more nutritional value and slow release in energy actually helps to get thru the fast easily than having heavy meals

Consuming too salty or too sugary things can actually leave you unsatisfied and craving for water throughout the rest of your fast…

So we made a conscious change and took baby steps and am so glad we did, never felt better !!!

Not that we don’t enjoy our local favorites but we just made choices to swap them for our iftar meals

Always remember to prep ahead for a balanced meal
This way you will have enough time to finish the meeting with your Lord instead of rushing through everything…

So here I have toasted whole-wheat bread with smashed avocado,topped with hard boiled eggs and oven roasted nai miris Chickpeas ofcourse from finch

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This was inspired by a good friend Shalima
Don’t forget to check out her page for some amazing Bangladeshi Food inspiration

The Avacado has healthy fats which means you will feel satiated
You could definitely do the vegetarian version and skip the eggs but we like our extra protein for Suhoor so we used both chickpeas and eggs
Nai Miris flakes from finch really gives a kick to the elements of this dish

Finch Dehydrated Spices and Herbs are always stocked up in my pantry.Many more Premium products that can enrich your life @finch.foods

You can get your favorite products delivered by placing an order on the Finch website or via UberEats/PickMe
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The recipe for Oven Roasted Chickpeas is available in the blog site :

There are a variety of Suhoor options available in my Last Year’s Suhoor post if you want any inspiration.Do check it out

Always Remember what may seem healthy for me may not exactly work for you and that’s ok because each individual is entitled to their own choice and no one has the right to judge you for your food choices
Does not mean it’s wrong but make sure you eat well and live well

Much Love ?? Nuzrath

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