Lavariya or Stuffed String Hopper Dumpling

Lavariya is a Sweet Stuffed String Hopper Dumpling that is a popular tea time snack served even for breakfast with tea and bananas

Ideally the filling is sweet but we always like to experiment new flavours so I have even tried with Coconut Sambol , Coconut Mallum apart from the usual Pani Pol Mixture made from Kithul Jaggery and Fresh Coconut

Let’s Get Started

There are two things that make up the Lavariya :

  • (1) The dough
  • (2) Filling of choice

Let’s start making these steamed beauties

Make sure everything is ready

  • String Hopper Mould
  • String Hopper Mat
  • Lunch Sheet or Banana Leaf
  • The Dough and The Filling

To make these dumplings the dough would be the exact same recipe of The Regular Steamed Wheat Flour String Hopper Dough.Follow the link attached below for detailed recipe

For the fillings you could choose from the ones mentioned below.Each one has a link attached to the recipe

(01) POL PANI : Refer to link attached below

(02) POL SAMBOL : Refer to link attached below

(03) POL MALLUM recipe can be found in the post “Watti Shoru” or “Seafood Rice” : Refer to link attached below

Let’s make the Lavariya

SMALL TIP : Oiling The String Hopper Mat and Lunch Sheet makes it easier to remove and avoids damage to the Lavariya

To start : I placed the oiled lunch sheet over the mould just to have a slight idea of the size so I won’t go wrong when pouring the string hopper dough out

Start pouring the string hopper dough over the lunch sheet in two layers just covering the string hopper mat underneath

Watch the demo videos in my recent Instagram post : Refer to link attached below

Place a tbsp of the filling in the centre

Fold over

Press the edges and make sure it is sealed well

Carefully slip the made Lavariya over the other side of the String Hopper Mould

Place in steamer and allow to steam in batches for 10-15 minutes

Serve this warm with some Ceylon Tea and you got yourself a great treat!!!

This was one of my mom’s favourite things

The image shows Lavariya with Sago Pudding with Jaggery and Fresh Coconut Milk.It is so delicious and cooling for the body during the summers.Comes together in few minutes… Find the recipe in my next post

Link is attached below

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Much Love ? Nuzrath