Ten Years Ago

10 years ago today my beautiful mother passed away peacefully March 20th 2011
The very next day after Dawood turned 4

Let me tell you a little bit about my Umma my everything ?

Since this has been one of my frequently asked questions I thought I’ll put them in words today….

Please please say a tiny prayer for her : this would mean so much to me??

When a person dies,all his deeds come to an end except three : Sadaqathul Jaaria (ongoing charity), beneficial knowledge which he has left behind, or a righteous child who will pray for him (Tirmidhi)

Losing a parent is one of the hardest things someone can ever go through and watching the other parent live alone is even harder than you would ever know???

My beautiful mother is Hamziya Hanoon,originally from Colombo married to my father who hails from Gampola

She didn’t live longer than 54 years of her life she was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy during one of her annual visits to India….

She lived with it for almost 14 years of her life and we all lived it with her because we were helpless and there was not much we could do to ease her pain…
It was a rare heart condition at the time : basically an enlarged heart

Her doctor would always make her feel better by saying “Mrs.Nazimudeen God has blessed you with a big heart?? “ and that no one can deny my mother was one of the most generous ppl you will ever know….

She suffered silently but that never stopped her from doing what she did best : spreading kindness and love ?
hence why I keep saying it like a prayer to myself and our kids everyday “BE KIND” even if they’re UNKIND to you….

We are far from a perfect family : no one or nothing is ever perfect but my mom taught us a lot before she died…not by life lesson lectures for sure
She lived a life that we experienced with her and we hope to continue in her foot steps…

Dawood, Juwairiya and the rest of the kids in the family before them have been the luckiest grandchildren because they were able to live with her for at least a few years of their lives.She loved kids and they make her so happy.No doubt Bilal was her number one !!!The kid on the right is Bilal my nephew who’s a handsome young man today

Umma had many siblings and she was ever so fond of them no matter what : would never let any of us think otherwise
They were all very different to each other but she was the glue that kept everyone going

When I mean siblings it means apart from her own siblings she had cousins and cousins’ cousins ??? and even my dad’s cousins because that’s how far her circle was….Bless her
She had cousins of all kinds some live here some abroad and they would still keep contact with her no matter what : I remember every Eid we used to exchange cards for all relatives living abroad…What a wonderful feeling ?

Do you know why they all loved her so much ???
Unconditional Love with No Judgments and that’s exactly how she wanted us to live….

My point here is that no two people are alike even if they’re your own.No one chooses their family their parents their spouse their children : Everything is chosen by Your Creator and there’s a responsibility we have towards them : Love and respect them for who they’re and accept them with their flaws

Time in this world is very short so make the most of it by loving and forgiving…BE KIND

Appreciate little things and don’t expect too much from anyone even if they’re your own children because they’re not brought into this world to serve us…

The world would be such a beautiful place if we all lived by that….

Anyway just a little something I wanted to share on this day : small things we learnt have really brought us this far

Much Love to all??