Shammi Kebabs

Shammi Kebabs are one of the most simplest form of kebabs.Often served warm as an appetiser or snack known to have originated from North India & Pakistan.This kebab mixture is made up of spiced meat cooked with chickpeas.Then blended into a paste & combined with egg to hold them together.Theyr usually found made in flat disc shapes but today I decided to make them this way….

For The Recipe

500 g Boneless Meat boiled together with 1/2 cup soaked chickpeas.Remove liquid & use as stock later for another dish.I used it to flavour my wheat porridge for Iftar.Boil Meat with salt, pepper,vinegar,whole ginger & garlic,corriander roots(if you’re discarding them while using the leaves for the kebabs)Reason for adding whole ginger & garlic : Theyr all goin into the food processor anyway.But you could totally add in ginger & garlic paste if you prefer.Seperate liquid from the solids, remove coriander roots if added.Chuck them all into the food processor with fresh coriander leaves,fried onions, an egg & more salt & oil if needed.Refer to image below…

Leave this in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.This makes it easier to handle.This mixture freezes really well too.But I would usually form the kebabs before freezing them.

Dip these kebabs in a beaten egg mixture just before dropping into the hot oil.Since the meat is already cooked, its only a matter of cooking the egg coating.Deep fry & Serve Warm

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