Quail Platter

“Quail” is also known as “kaada kuruwi” in tamil.Theyr game birds which are usually grown in farms or hunted from the wild.Apparently there are a few birds from the similar breed some are used for food on the table just like this one that’s found in often here.Theyr usually eaten with the bone as its easily chewable & so tiny so separating the bones can be inconvenient.

These babies were simply marinaded & deep-fried to perfection.Then I used the remaining liquid from the marinade & made a sauce to pour over.As easy as that!!!!

The Quail has the shape of a miniature brown chicken/hen but with pointy legs & wings.Theyr similar to the pigeon family but rather small compared to those birds.Anyway the flesh of quail & pigeons are similar in taste. Having said that the taste actually depends on what they are fed.

The Meat is more good for you if consumed well.They have several health benefits that I learnt about when doing some research for an anaemic situation.Iam no doctor but these are few things I learnt that I wanted to share with you on request because The Quail has actually been under estimated by most people ever since.

If you have access to the local farms you will be able to get quail & their eggs that are free from nasties.This can really improve your health if used in the right way…

As mom we don’t realise we may lack certain vitamins in our body & that is the reason for us to feel extremely tired but we ignore it thinking its normal untill it proves to be serious…So please be aware of what your body needs & get help if needed.

Theyr low in sodium but theyr high in fat which means its Keto Friendly.

It is a good source of essential vitamins B & Minerals most importantly Zinc,& Iron which is very essential for our healing bodies specially when being anaemic is quite common for us females.

Broth made from steamed quail meat is known to be like an immunity shot against regular flus & colds as theyr rich in vitamins minerals & antioxidants that help improve our immune system.

The eggs have benefits of their own :

Even though theyr so small their health benefits are much higher than that of a regular egg.

We have them in more than doubles.Takes less than a minute to cook & it sure is delicious.

Quail eggs improve metabolism & improve digestive issues.

As theyr high in protein theyr perfect for your high protein diet.Infact Quail eggs have more protein than a regular chicken egg.

They improve bone health which is so important for young females having major issues with bone health after having babies.

Theyr also known to reduce hairloss & treat dandruff!!!Hairloss is a universal problem these days…

They help relieve anxiety as theyr rich in natural antidepressant.Another common issue during this time.

Theyr also known to regulate blood sugar levels & blood pressure levels.

Theyr also proven to be good for your skin due to the antioxidants that help in regenerating damaged cells which reduces signs of ageing.Isnt That Great!!!

Anyway I hope this post was helpful

Pleas Do Give This Quail A Chance To Show You What He Is Capable Of…….

Much Love Nuzrath