Fresh Watermelon Slush

Fresh fruit in any form is a must have on our breakfast table every single day

Including fresh fruit in your diet can prove to be very beneficial for oneself

Living in a tropical country we are so blessed to be able to enjoy most fruits all year.

Keeping that in mind, we try different ways to enjoy these amazing fruits in the form of juices, popsicles or even slushies

My daughter made these juices for us during Ramadan and I thought I should share them with you’ll.

We get our fresh fruits and vegetables from Sunny Bees Company.A new and upcoming business putting in a lot of effort to bring you the best harvest…isn’t that wonderful ??

The link to their page is attached below :

Let’s Get Started with our favourite fresh fruit :

??????????Watermelon ??????????????????????????

This juicy fruit needs no introduction. They’re one of the most hydrating fruits you can ever find,ofcourse they’re made with mostly water !!

To make this juice we don’t add any water, just peel skin and blend till its ready and strain the seeds.So refreshing.This fruit plays a large roll in reducing inflammation and there are studies shown to prove they may prevent cancer if consumed right…

Watermelon Juice is so delicious but we take it next level by making The Slush.To make this you make the fresh watermelon juice like how I mentioned previously and freeze overnight.Then scoop out the slush into the glasses and pour club soda or carbonated water to serve.

Perfect when entertaining guests

You could also try this with other fruits in season.We even tried Mango and it turned out so well

Follow same method as the watermelon slush

We also tried the fresh pineapple

???????? “Pina Colada”???????

You will need : Fresh Pineapple cubes,Coconut Milk and Ice

So creamy and delicious

Papaya is a fantastic fruit to be juiced with just fresh lime..and some natural honey

Would love to see you’ll give them a try

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Stay Safe Stay Home Stay Sane

Much Love ? Nuzrath