Atta Halwa

Something we’ve learnt from 2020 : Being able to find happiness in the most simplest things and being content…Exactly how our parents taught us about life, would you agree?

This is a humble dessert that can be made using pantry staples,the results turn out to be so fulfilling and delicious

This Halwa is made from Atta Flour/Whole Wheat Flour so it’s definitely a healthier alternative to any other kind of sweet treat

I first saw this on my friend Monali’s feed and I gave this a try the very next day altering it and switching things around with the help of my sil Thuri who’s family makes the best mithai.Been making it quite often that day onwards…Do check out Monali’s Instagram page for some delicious drool worthy dishes

Requires minimal time and effort : Just what you want these days yeah?

You could use sugar or treacle instead of jaggery and skip the cardomom to vanilla flavour.I’m well aware that cardomom prices have gone over the roof these days !!!

Ingredients for The Atta Halwa

  • One cup Atta Flour
  • One cup Ghee
  • One Cup Jaggery melted with One Cup Water
  • Cardomom for flavour

Check my instagram post for video demos : Link is attached below

Step One : Melt Jaggery in a pan with the wate,cardamom and make into a syrup

Step Two : Mix ghee and atta flour in a non stick pan and roast this with the cardamom till nice and fragrant.Just to make sure the raw smell is no more

Step Three : Add the melted Jaggery into the roasted flour, while the flame is still on and keep stirring for a few minutes till they’re well combined.You will notice the oil comes off the edge of the pan.This doesn’t take too long though.10 minutes

When the mixture comes off the pan forming into one lump you know it’s ready to be transferred to a greased tray

Sprinkle nuts if you prefer

I just love to dig in right off the pan.So quick and easy but so warm and delicious

Would love to see your remakes on this Deliciousness

Be sure to tag me on social media or send me a screenshot if your account is private.So I can reshare them on my stories

Stay Safe Stay Home Stay Sane and Be Responsible

Much Love ? Nuzrath

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