Easy Lazy Chocolate Biscoff Cake

There are days when you want cake but you’re really not in a mood to bake

This cake is the answer to those days….It’s a Chocolate Cake that asks for simple ingredients and no baking required.Isn’t that wonderful???

Ideally this cake is made with the chocolate and biscuits of choice but today I’m making a Chocolate Biscoff version because who doesn’t love some Biscoff !!!!!

Let’s Get Started

You Will Need

  • 500g Biscuits of choice : I used a mixture of Lotus Cookies, Gold Marie & Chocolate Marie for more texture.You could do the same or you could use any kind of tea biscuit available.
  • 700g Dark Chocolate ( I use Ritzbury Dark Chocolate)
  • 1 Cup Condensed Milk ( Nestle MilkMaid )
  • 6 Tbsp Cocoa Powder (Unsweetened)
  • 500ml Heavy Cream
  • Biscoff Cookie Butter Spread 1/2 Cup


Step One

Mix condensed milk, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, heavy cream in a pan and keep on medium heat till everything is well combined.

Step Two

Add in Biscoff Cookie Butter

Let this cool slightly

Step Three

Add in crushed biscuits

And Combine well.


Step Four

Transfer cake mixture into a lined pan or pyrex.I used an 8″ round pyrex

Step Five

Pop this into the freezer for an hour or refrigerate overnight to get the best shape.

Finally, unmould this firm cake and decorate it the way you prefer. Well, it wouldn’t be a Biscoff cake without some Biscoff topping eh?You could definitely have it just like this with no topping…

I used One Cup whipped cream with some Biscoff Cookie Butter to cover this chocolatey goodness and also Lotus Biscoff Cookies to add more crunch….Sooo Good!!!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get images of the insides because I made this for my nephew.But I promise you, it tastes better than it looks!!!

Would love to see your remakes on this beauty.Tag me on Instagram and feel free to contact me for any help or guidance.

Much Love ? Nuzrath

Stay Safe Everyone!!