“Aggala” as many would recognize these sweet’ums
“Pori Bilaanga” Or “Arishi Guli” If You’re Moor
“Sweet Rice Balls” Maybe….

A popular local favorite which brings back childhood memories for most of us

This is made with clean rice grains roasted with cardomom & peppercorns, then blended and combined with freshly grated coconut & melted jaggery syrup

This is my version : Let’s Get Started

You will need

  • Two cups Fresh Rice grains washed well
  • whole cardamom spice
  • whole black peppercorns
  • One cup Fresh coconut grated
  • Pinch of salt
  • One cup melted Jaggery syrup

Step One : Dry roast the rice grains with whole spices till nice and fragrant.

Step Two : Let this cool abit and blitz in the food processor till they’re fairly ground fine.

Step Three : Melt the jaggery in a separate saucepan till it resembles a thick syrup, sprinkle water if needed

Step Four : Add the freshly grated coconut into a bowl with the ground rice.Add salt

Step Five : Pour the melted jaggery into this and mix using a wooden spoon at first if it is still too hot to handle.When you can manage use your fingers and mix till well combined.

Start making medium size shaped balls and place on the serving plate.Your quick and easy Aggala is ready to be enjoyed!!! My kids eat it off the bowl with spoon….clearly no patience lol

Some make with the grated jaggery as well instead of the syrup

How do you like my version??
Much healthier snack alternative for active kids who are always hungry?My kids loved this

Hope everyones doing well with the extended quarantine and chill period

Take It Day By Day & Breathe

Am Sure We Can Get Through This Together

Stay Safe?Stay Home?Save Lives

Would love to see your remakes on this Deliciousness.Be sure to tag me on social media or send me a screenshot if your account is private so I can reshare it on my stories.Link is attached below

Much Love ? Nuzrath

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