Traditional Milk Toffee

Another Family Recipe
Milk Toffee With Added Nuts & Chocolate Chips

What You Need

  • One Large Tin Of Condensed Milk @milkmaidsweetdelights
  • Half A Tin Water(Use The Same Empty Condensed Milk Tin)
  • 500g Brown Sugar
  • 50g Butter
  • 50g Chopped Cashews
  • Vanilla For Flavour Or Cardomom Powder

Some Tips:

  • Use a non stick pan(Preferred)& a heat proof spatula for mixing
  • Make sure your cake tray(10” by 10”) is buttered & ready before you start the process.
  • Also your extra ingredients & chopped nuts are all within reach incase you are alone when making the milk toffee
  • Keep a buttered small rolling pin that fits your cake tray. It will be useful for leveling the hot mixture once it’s ready to be transfered from the pan to the cake tray.

Incase This Is Your First Time:

  • This mixture is scalding at finishing point & it can definitely melt plastic & cause serious burns on the skin
  • So pls makesure that you dont have little kids around the work station

Let’s Get Started

Step One

To Start: Mix in the milk maid, water, sugar in the pan & mix first.

Step Two

Switch on fire on medium high first, when it starts heating up reduce to medium low just to avoid burning the mixture.Keep stirring & do not stop stirring for any reason

Step Three

You need to makesure someone is stirring till the End

That’s Right!!!! No Breaks…..

The Mixture will turn from off white to few shades darker & thicker with every 15 minutes.Still stirring though…..

Step Four

You can now add in The Butter & Flavours

Step Five

Twenty minutes later & still stirring…..

You will notice a big change in colour & texture by now.

Step Six

Add The Chopped Nuts

Step Seven

Time to remove off fire & transfer to the Buttered Cake Tray

Step Eight

Level it neatly using the mini rolling pin Or a buttered spatula

When it is half set you can start cutting them into desired sizes

If it Hardens too much you will not be able to cut them into neat squares,they will crumble

Nothing like a warm milk toffee, still soft and fudgy

This Is The Recipe For The Basic Milk Toffee,I Have Added Choc Chips & Almond Flakes On This One…Next Level??

A Must Try If You Have Already Tried My Basic Milk Toffee Recipe

There are many versions we have tried by altering and adding few things to change the flavour of The Milk Toffee.Pineapple Toffee is a fantastic twist and is another family favourite.For this you use pineapple stewed syrup instead of water in the recipe and added pineapple cubes.This does take the milk toffee to a whole new level

Do check out my instagram post to watch the video of the stages of the milk toffee making : Refer to link attached below :

There’s a small added step to making Chocolate Flavoured Milk Toffee or Turtle Fudge.


When the milk toffee is ready to be transferred into the buttered tray, add in 200g dark chocolate chips and sliced pistachios.This is called Turtle Fudge or Dark Chocolate Fudge.The Pistachios go well with the chocolate colour and flavour…You could definitely use any other kind of chopped nuts.

Would love to see your remakes on this one.Be sure to tag me or send me a screenshot if your account is private.So I can reshare on my stories

Stay Safe Stay Home Stay Sane

Much Love ? Nuzrath