Semolina Ladoo

I always enjoy anything made of Semolina and this one just hit the spot for me because it was one of those sweets that took me back to my childhood when mom used to make Rulang Halwa which I absolutely loved.

Even though the components were slightly different it really brought me comfort through this humble sweet knowing that my kids also get a chance to re live this memory along with me so I can tell them more stories about my beautiful mother.

Let’s Get Started

  • One Cup Rulang
  • 1/2 Butter
  • Saffron Flavouring(optional)
  • Cardamom Powder
  • One Cup Finely Scraped Coconut
  • One Cup Melted Kithul Jaggery or Sugar
  • Chopped Nuts and Sultanas

Dry Roast the Rulang and make sure the raw smell is no more.

Add butter and continue to stir.The butter will coat the rulang and create a wonderful aroma.

Transfer to a heat proof bowl and mix the rest of the ingredients one by one to create the Laddu mixture

Add flavourings and cardamom,melted Jaggery and nuts
Mix using a wooden spoon to make the process easier.
Now you can add in the scraped coconut.Pulse the scraped coconut in a food processor,this ensures that they’re all even.
Mix well to combine all above ingredients.
If the mixture still looks abit loose,add same warm water or milk to start forming medium sized balls.
This quantity makes about 8-10 balls

This lasts long if stored properly in the refrigerator and sits outside for a day or two if you have any leftovers.

An absolute treat when enjoyed with some warm Ceylon Tea but my kids actually ate some of the mixture off the spoon before I could even make them into balls.

The image shows the ones that made it to the picture alive

Much Love ?? Nuzrath

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