Ramadan Series

With Ramadan Almost Here I Have Planned To Share Some Recipes That Will Contribute To My Ramadan Series 2020

My Inbox Is Flooded With DMs Asking For Easy Ramadan Recipes Etc

Like I Always Say Theres No One Perfect Way To Eat Healthy.What May Seem Healthy For You May Not Exactly Be Healthy For Another Human Being.

So Let’s Respect Everyone’s Choices & Be Kind

Let’s Eat Good Things & Eat In Moderation So That We Are Able To Fulfill The Purpose Of That Month Inshalla

Ramadan Is One Of My Favorite Months ? 

Ofcourse Food Was A Big Deal For Us During That Month

Regardless,Ramadan Was Always Looked Forward To In Our Homes

During That Month Our Parents Would Encourage Us To Do More Good,Be Kind& Stay Away From Materialistic Things.It Was A Month Of Worship & A Matter Of Strengthening Our Spiritual Connection With Our Creator Subhaanalla 

But Along With The Long Night Prayers & Emotional Duas We Also Had Our Share Of Fun With Cousins Late Night Chats,Sherbet,Monopoly & Play Cards In The Dark Till Dawn Without My Grandmas Knowledge ?(Allah Bless Her Akhira & Grant Her The Highest Level Of Jannah:Aameen She Taught Us So Much In Life & Left A Legacy Behind)

Getting Back To Food,As A Child I Had Many Fond Memories During That Month Where My Mom & Sisters Would Make A Variety Of Delicious Meals.

And We Would Be Busy Delivering Them To Neighbours Every Evening Alhamdulilla 

(My Mom Is No More,We Are Who We Are Bcz Of That Beautiful Soul.Allah Re Unite Us With Her In Jannah : Aameen)

The Longest Minute Of The Day Was Few Minutes Before The Magrib Azan Where The Radio Would Be Playing Nasheeds Till The Time Is Right And We Would Be Anxiously Waiting To Gulp Down The Juice & Go For Seconds & Thirds,lol

Dessert Was A Must On Our Iftar Spread

Do You Remember Sanja?? Or Agar Agar Jelly.The Woodapple Juice & Sago Puddings,what not!!!!

Still Love It Yumm

And The Mixed Feelings On The Last Night Of Ramadan & During Eid Preparations And Ofcourse The Moon Sighting Drama,lol

How Can I Forget The “ Pernaal Money” Or “Eid Money” Where My Cheeky Brothers Would Manipulate Me Into Exchanging My Big Notes For More Notes :Now You Know If You Know?

We Still Celebrate Eid Traditionally With Our Children & Reward Them For Their Effort Of Fasting During The Entire Month Or Even Part Of It

We Also Encourage Them & Get Them Involved In Exchanging Gifts & Money With Friends Family & Loved Ones ?

May Allah Accept Our Deeds And Make This A Beautiful Ramadan For All Of Us Around The Globe Inshalla

Let’s Make The Most Of this Blessed Month!!!!

I Will Be Sharing Most Of My Recipes,Suhoor Meals,Iftar Meals & Guilt Free Options On Sweet Treats Inbetween 

Anyway, What Is Your Favourite Part Of Ramadan????