Kola Kandha/Herbal Porridge

Kola Kandha or Herbal Porridge is a Warm Vegan Dish traditionally made up of red raw rice and liquid extraction of fresh green leaves.No srilankan porridge would be complete without a splash of coconut milk yeah?

We also have many versions, instead of rice with sago,semolina,more ginger and garlic Etc Etc
I love to change the flavours each time in order to sneak those greens in to the kids meals…

There are many health benefits but from what I know it has many healing properties and aids in prevention of constipation and inflammation

An absolute favourite in our household paired with some real Kithul jaggery

I have seen trucks outside Independance Square and Marine Drive(mostly walking areas) selling this fresh every morning : they’re so inexpensive and definitely worth a try at least once

This was my contribution to World Vegan Day Click hosted by @thefoodsnaps : Refer to link below :


Have you ever tried this ??? If so which version is your favourite??
We love the gotukola flavour

To make this : You will need

  • Gotukola 2 bunches
  • One cup Red rice cooked with ginger garlic and pandan leaves
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Milk

Boil the rice and blend one half and mash other half with the milk and if you like to bite into rice while having the porridge.Remove the pandan leaves when cooked and if you prefer to bite into garlic and ginger leave them without mashing too

Clean the green leaves and blend them well.Strain it and use the juice.

You can use a combination of two green leaves as well but we prefer only Gotukola

Let this come to a boil.Switch off the flame, check for salt and your kola kandha is ready.

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