Easy Bread Pizza

Easy Bread Pizza
This Easy Meal Was Recreated By The Hubster Bcz It Reminded Him Of His Childhood Where Amme Would Make This Atleast Once A Week For Breakfast
We Call It Local Non Veg Bruschetta ???
He Modified It Accordingly
We Had Some Bread Leftover & I Didn’t Want Them To Go To Waste As They Were Not Fresh Enough For Sandwiches ???

Sauté Some Finely Chopped Boneless Chicken In Olive Oil,With Salt,Pepper & Paprika.Coconut Aminos & Lime Juice
You Could Even Avoid Chicken & Just Go With Veges & Egg
Few Eggs Beaten
Finely Chopped Onions
Coloured Bell Peppers
Buttered Corn
Finely Chopped Tomatoes(Optional) Or You Could Use Some Hot Sauce Instead Like We Did.
Fresh Corriander Or Parsley
Grated Cheese

First Place The Buttered Bread Slices On A Lined Baking Tray
Then Pour In Some Of The Eggy Mixture Over The Bread,Making Sure It Doesn Drip Off From The Sides
Next Start Sprinkling The Toppings Of Choice From Your List One By One.Finally With Grated Cheese & Hot Sauce
Grill In A PreHeated Oven @180’ For A Few Minutes,Just Untill The Bread Gets Toasty & The Cheese Has Melted & The Bread Pizza Is Ready To Be Enjoyed Just Like That!!!!
How Easy Was That????
An Ideal Wholesome Meal For Kids
You Could Even Make With Just Egg & Cheese For Fussy Eaters!! We Tried A Few & They Tasted Fantastic ??????
Would Love To See Your Remakes