Crispy SriLankan Egg Cutlets

One Of My Dad’s Favourite ShortEats For Iftar

Crispy Srilankan Egg Cutlets

These Crispy Treats Are One Of My Dads Favorite Snacks To Enjoy During Iftar

We Srilankans Enjoy Snacks In The Form Of “Shorteats”

To Start I Prepped By Full Boiling 8 Eggs Earlier & Sprinkled With Salt & Pepper & Set Aside
Boil The Potatoes
In The Meantime,I Made The Filling With Tuna
I Use The Diamond Brand

This Filling Was Made In A Different Way Compared To The Other Methods I’ve Done Before
First Mix In The Spices Such As Kashmir Chilli Pwd,Chilli Flakes,Pepper Pwd,Tumeric & One Tsp Roasted Curry Pwd With 4 finely Chopped B Onions In A Bowl.

Then Heat Up 1/2 Cup Of Coconut Oil In A Pan & Add These Spiced Up Onions & Cook On Low For Atleast 5 Minutes.
Add Curry Leaves
When The Onions Have Turned Translucent & Getting Lightly Golden,Add In Tamarind Pulp & Mix Well.Then Add In A Can Of Tuna & Combine.
Check For Salt
Add In Sliced Green Chillies If You Prefer Heat

Next Add In Five Medium Sized Potatoes That Were Boiled & Mashed Up
I Didn’t Have Fresh Corriander Leaves Today So I Added Fresh Moringa Leaves & That Worked Well Too.
Finally Drizzle Lime Juice If One Lime.
This Is The Basic Cutlet Filling.

Now Set Up The Crumb Coating Station

Layer One: All Purpose Flour

Lets Start Making The Egg Cutlets
Use A TableSpoon Of Filling & Mould It & Form An Oval Shape With The Halved Egg To Basically Look Like A Whole Egg

You Could Make About 16 Egg Cutlets
Depends On The Size Of Your Eggs,We Made Regular Cutlets With The LeftOver Filling
Layer One Coat In All Purpose Flour
Layer Two Next Beaten Egg
Layer Three First Crumb Coat
Layer Four Back To Egg
Layer Five Second Crumb Coat

Refrigerate This For Atleast Half An Hour Or More Before Frying
Helps Hold The Shape Otherwise It Gets Difficult Specially With This Humidity
The Bread Crumbs I Used Are The Japanese Panko Crumbs But You Could Definitely Use The Regular Home Made Bread Crumbs Like We Usually Would

Would Love To See Your Remakes On This
Stay Safe?StayHome?StaySane?

Love Nuzrath

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